• Workers in the film industry including filmmakers and film festival coordinators
  • Members of an Embassy in Korea or a cultural institution
  • Professors of a film-related college or an educational institution
How to apply
  • Supporting document : A certificate of employment which can verify that your are a current employee, business card (See Badge FAQ)
  • Your application may not be approved without supporting document. Due to the festival policy, personal information you submitted in the previous years is discarded. Make sure to attach up-to-date supporting documents.
  • Entitled to book the maximum of 4 film tickets per day (You can not reserve two or more tickets for same viewing time.)
  • Entitled to book 1 ticket for a Jeonju Dome screening(Only Badge holders)
  • Access to Guest Center and Guest Cafe
  • Entrance to Jeonju Project Market
  • Complimentary Guest Package
  • Access to Video Library
  • Access to Guest exclusive Ticket Desk.
  • 10% souvenir discount
  • Wait Line : Dependent on the availability of seats after the start of the screening(Accepted ONLY at ten minutes after the screening)
  • Tickets for Opening/Closing/Awards Ceremony, Midnight Cinema, and Program Event are not available.
Type Registration Period Fee
1st Registration Mar/1/2018 ~ Mar/31/2018 18:00 30,000 KRW
2st Registration Apr/1/2018 ~ Apr/13/2018 18:00 50,000 KRW
On-site Registration May/3 ~ May/12 70,000 KRW
    ※ You can not make a online payment with credit cards issued in a country other than Korea. Please pay your service fee at the Guest Center during the festival period.
    ※ The registration service fees vary by the registration period.
    ※ We accept credit card only. You can not pay by mobile payment or bank transfer.