• Critics and journalist of the print press, online press, radio, television and etc
How to Apply
  • Supporting Documents: Applicants must submit one of the following document to certify the employment.
    ① Certificate of employment issued no more than 3 months
    ② A copy of a recently published article or a media content (written or created within 1 year)
    ③ A registration document or certification that certifies the applicant is a member of a media or critic-related association
  • Application will be denied if applicants do not submit the supporting documents.
  • If supporting documents are not attached to the application the accreditation (badge) will not be approved. Previously submitted supporting documents must be reattached due to the policy of discarding previously collected personal information.
  • Applicants who have applied but did not pick up their Press Badge for the past two years in a row can only register during the on-site registration period.
  • Entitled to 4 tickets daily. 1 ticket equals 1 screening.
    (Badge Holders must issue the tickets themselves. Badges are non-transferable.)
  • 1 free “Jeonju Dome” ticket per day
  • Tickets for the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, Midnight Screening and Talk Classes are not included in the badge benefits.
  • Access to the Guest Center and Guest Cafe
  • Complimentary Guest Package
  • Access to the Video Library
  • Access to the exclusive Box Office and ticket counters for badge holders
  • Access to the Wait Line (within the sold-out films, badge holders may admit on a first-come first-served basis 10 minutes after the screening)
  • 10 percent souvenir discount
  • Free access to the P&I Screening (Badge must be presented to enter the screening)
Registration Fee
Type Registration Period Fee
Pre-Registration Mar/11/2019 - Apr/14/2019 18:00 Free of charge
On-site Registration May/2/2019 - May/11/2019 50,000 KRW
    ※ You can not make a online payment with credit cards issued in a country other than Korea. Please pay your registration fee at the Guest Center during the festival period.
    ※ The registration fees vary by the registration period.
    ※ We accept credit card only. You can not pay by mobile payment or bank transfer.

PRESS Badge Inquiry
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