To whom it may concern

First of all, we apologize to you who are waiting for the opening of the JEONJU International Film Festival (JEONJU IFF) on May 28.

JEONJU IFF has been concerned about the outbreak of COVID-19 and delayed the schedule by one month to May 28.
We have also considered how to hold the festival safely so far.
We have been thinking and testing every possible ways, including organization of online events of film lineup introduction,
talk programs with overseas guests, as well as intense disinfection of staffs, guests and audiences.

However, as the upcoming long holidays in May has caused great alarm among public health authorities,
JEONJU IFF has no choice but to think the best way to ensure the safety of the public.
Because public health authorities and people are worried that COVID-19 would spread out again during the long holidays,
JEONJU IFF has decided to cut back its scale drastically and change its methods to join these social concerns.

Despite these social concerns about COVID-19, many people are encouraging and supporting JEONJU IFF.
We will gratefully remember your seriousness and consideration. Also, we would ask for your understanding of our decision.


For more information regarding badgeE. badge@jeonjufest.krT. +82 (0)63-280-7917